a brief history


Alessandra Calderín is a writer, reader, witch, Ravenclaw, teacher and performer based in Brooklyn, New York. Hailing from Miami, Florida, Alessandra grew up in a rich culture that combined Cuban, Catholic, Jewish and Colombian influence thanks to the integration of her mixed family.

She studied journalism as well as film and media studies at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and worked a range of freelance positions including digital production, copy writing, quality assurance testing and bartending after moving to New York in 2011. She then spend three years as a creative recruiter at a top notch staffing agency where she interviewed over 1,000 potential candidates and found the connection and courage to leap towards a less traditional path.


alessandra calderín, holding heart in constructive rest

alessandra calderín, holding heart in constructive rest

Alessandra has had the supreme honor of sustaining a mentorship with the great Lindsay Mack of Wild Soul Healing for over a year from one on one teachings to immersive retreats and ceremonies. She furthers her practice through meditation and scholarly study of allegory and archetypes including psychological and spiritual texts from Jung to Estés and beyond. She believes in the magic of science and is thrilled by concepts beyond human comprehension.

She has read tarot at events for 305 Fitness, The Numinous at The Standard Highline, Greenpointers at The Greenpoint Lofts and MINKA Brooklyn. 


Alessandra’s love affair with yoga began at age 12, when her father started bringing her to group classes where she met her first teacher, Lina Vallejo, and eventually Ken "Anand" Von Roen III, founders of Skanda Yoga in Miami.

She completed her 200 hour training at Yoga Shanti after studying and practicing with a range of incredible teachers including lead instructors Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman-Yee, Heidi Michele Fokine, Leah Kinney, Jamie Lugo, Tracey Toomey McQuade and Susan “Lippy” Orem.

She has also completed a 50 hour advanced training on the psychosomatic connection (where emotion and mental energy manifest in the body as physical feelings and reactions) at Laughing Lotus with her mentor of over 2 years, Justin Ritchie.

Her most recent course of study was with Leslie Howard, completing a training on the pelvic floor. She is currently working towards certification.


Alessandra has loved to write since she received her first diary. Her most treasured entry reads, “Today I stayed home because I didn't feel good. I played Final Fantasy VII and Aeris died. Sephiroth killed her. He is the asshole of the game. Then I played Amazon Trail and almost won. I hope I get better soon.” Alessandra loves Final Fantasy VII more than anyone you know.

She took the magazine writing track in journalism school and wrote for Popular Science, The AV Club, Girl Scouts of America and North by Northwestern, but those two screenwriting classes senior year ruined her. Her heart lives in fiction.

She is currently working on her first novel for which she is happily and miserably pouring out all her life blood, and a collection of short stories chronicling her family’s experience emigrating from Cuba to Miami. In the mean time, you can check out her blog, More Lancelot than Galahad, or selected works of poetry


Alessandra has loved to sing since her first duet performance of "Madresita" at her First Communion. While she took musical theater in high school, she stopped performing in college after not making it through a capella auditions. Alessandra has studied piano, voice, and songwriting with Maria Brodskaya, also known as ämbe, since 2015. Her debut single, "Evolve," is scheduled for release in 2017. Alessandra wrote her first song in middle school and is delighted this hobby has endured. 


Alessandra's first performance was a silent role as the Virgin Mary in her pre-school's nativity play. She later performed her first monologue as Lucy Van Pelt, a role that spoke to her very soul and directed a 40 minute stage adaptation of Fight Club for her high school directing workshop. (She regrets the final script has been lost to the ether.)

Alessandra has studied improv, musical improv and storytelling at the Magnet Theater since 2015 with Rick Andrews, Louis Kornfeld, Megan Gray, Nick Kanellis, Peter McNerney, Nikita Burdein, Frank Spitznagel and Adam Wade. She has performed on the Magnet main stage with some of her favorite people in some pretty cool shows including You Are Not Alone: An Uplifting Show About Depression, The Coven (a Halloween / Samhain special), We Just Might Kiss: A Female Improv Event and The Rundown.