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The New Moon Swap Shop

A Fashion Event for Our Planet

Hosted by Ruby Warrington, Sah D'Simone & Anna Trevelyan

The New Moon Swap Shop is a unique event to remind us we don’t always need to buy new. Your wallet AND the planet will thank you! 

Three-steps to get involved: 
1. Go through your closet and pull out all the great pieces you thought were gonna change your life, but now you never wear.

2. Drop them off at The Standard High Line any time between 9am and 2pm on Saturday March 25.

3. Come back with your friends that afternoon to “shop” the New Moon Swap Shop! 

The Swap Shop will be open from 3-6pm Saturday March 25, with a welcome + styling tips from our hosts, DJ, juice from Montauk Juice Factory and tarot readings with yours truly.

Tickets cost $40, and the entry fee entitles you to take up to 3 items home with you. Additional items will be priced individually for purchase. 

All proceeds from ticket and clothing sales will go to the Indigenous Environmental Network. All remaining clothing will go to TransFigure.