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Archetypal Embodiment: an Energetic Tarot Journey through the Chakras

The chakra system outlines the energetic focal points of the body and proves a useful tool in exploring the psychosomatic connection, where thoughts and feelings manifest in the physical body. It is a roadmap for understanding your experience mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Meanwhile, the tarot has often been misunderstood as a tool of fortune telling (and while it certainly can be used that way) the images on each card tell a story. Your story. Outlining the evolution of a human soul, the hero’s journey, the path to transcendence, the symbols and archetypes of the tarot’s major arcana can depict the path of the warrior, the mother, the father, the bodhisattva, the artist. and whatever other form your path takes.

Mapped over the chakra system, these archetypes can help us explore, connect and embody every facet of out light and our shadow, our power and our weakness, what we seek and what we avoid.

Join Alessandra Calderin for a journey through the energetic power centers of the body, utilizing the characters that make up your story to acknowledge where you are, and paint the picture of who you want to be. With each layer and level we will examine what parts of the psyche are ready to up level and what blocks it’s time to push past in 2019. This class will include simple movement and guided meditations. If you like to take notes, a notebook is highly encouraged.

Get ready to evolve <3

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