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Candlelit Vinyasa + Visualization Meditation Journey: Discovering Balance + Clarity through the Libra New Moon

  • original hot yoga 305 (map)

Join Alessandra Calderín of Boneseed for an evening of connecting to the medicine of the Moon and Libra.

Full moons offer Full moons offer a chance to harness a renewed well of potential energy. We see more clearly by her light what we are working towards. As the Moon pulls and releases the tides, she moves the watery parts of us, too (figuratively with out emotions, literally with the 60% of our bodies that are water). On the night of the Full Moon in Libra, the scales of balance, we will honor the power of air, truth, and authenticity, opening the heart and throat chakra to honor clear connection between what we feel and how we honor and express ourselves.

Libra also rules the Justice card in the Tarot, a complex card that acts us to remove the connotation of good and bad and to simply see what is. Without explanation, story or excuse. What is true? Are we keeping our promises to ourselves and each other? Are we aligning the way we move and act in the world with our own internal compass? Are we seeing the world truthfully or are we getting lost in our own stories, perceptions, and projections?

We'll begin the evening with a mindful vinyasa practice designed to open the heart and throat and move into a simple ritual and meditative journey to visualize tools to discover disconnections between your internal experience and external expressions.

*If you are new to meditation, guided visualizations are a great place to start because you will be guided by voice and imagery instead of feeling the pressure to focus hard on the breath or "clearing the mind".

Exchange: $40 Early Bird

$45 Door