alessandra calderín, window altar

alessandra calderín, window altar

tarot FAQ

What is the tarot?

The short version: Tarot is a deck of cards that pictures a series of archetypal representations of the human experience. It originated as a card game in Europe, but there are various debates and contradictions as to its true origins as it stems from an oral tradition.

How does it work?

The images are designed to bring what is in the unconscious mind into the conscious mind which is why when someone's cards are read, the most common reaction is "oh yeah, I guess I did know that" or something along those lines.

Where do readings take place?

Either in my cozy Brooklyn apartment, at your local healing center or via Skype / FaceTime. Need me to come to you? Shoot me an email and I'd be happy to oblige for an additional fee.

Will you tell me my future?

Definitely no. That's a common misconception about tarot. I'll explore with you the archetypes and patterns that are showing up in your life. We may discuss how these could play out in the future, but I will not "predict the future." Time is a fluid and constantly shifting mistress and every decision we make can shift everything. Potential outcomes is as close as we're going to get, and even that is totally mutable.

What is a reading like?

I'll pull cards. We'll talk about them. Integrative sessions with include body movement and meditation. You can share thoughts and ask questions along the way. There's no diagnosis involved, but I'm here to listen, interpret, offer insight and work with you on potential next steps. You can read client testimonials here.

What is boneseed?

boneseed is a moniker that symbolizes the pelvis and ovaries as well as the male testes or huevos. The source of life. It came from a passage from Women Who Run With The Wolves  by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

"This is the knowing to be gained in being close to Wild Woman. When La Loba  sings, she sings from the body, deep within the mind, deep within the soul. The symbols of seed and bone are very similar. If one has the root stock, the basis, the original part, if one has the seed corn, any havoc can be repaired, devastations can be resown, fields can be rested, hard seed can be soaked to soften it, to help it break open and thrive.

To have the seed means to have the key to life. To be with the cycles of the seed means to dance with life, dance with death, dance into life again... so when something is lost, we must go to the old woman who lives int he out-of-they-way-pelvis. She lives out there, half in and half out of the creative fire. This is the perfect place for women to live, right next to the fertile huevos, their eggs, their female seeds. there the tiniest ideas and the largest ones are waiting for our minds and actions to make them manifest." 

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 alessandra calderín, cleansing with palo santo

alessandra calderín, cleansing with palo santo

 alessandra calderín, three card spread with the fountain tarot

alessandra calderín, three card spread with the fountain tarot