Excavation + Expansion

An integrated journey for personal and spiritual development


Antelope Canyon // photo by Oscar Dejolie

My dearest darlings,

Welcome to Excavation + Expansion, an intuitive and analytical journey into the deepest caves of your core and up to the mountain peaks of your potential.

The result of years of inquiry, study, mentorship and practical applications, Excavation + Expansion is a recipe for living consciously and authentically for the benefit of yourself and all of humanity.

This immersive mentorship program digs beyond the goal setting of a traditional life coach and invites you to get to know the Self beneath the surface. Through this practice, you’ll discover the unlimited potential of living authentically, define your own standard for beauty, health and success, and recognize the deep motivating factors that drive you. Because why you want "the thing" is perhaps more important than getting it. Because if we don’t understand, we’re just living on autopilot.

This is a practice about living mindfully, gracefully, fluidly, joyfully, while balancing the shadow and melancholy rather than suppressing or ignoring it. There is no 10 steps to a better beach bod, or how to land that promotion with 4 easy steps. This is hard introspective work, but it lasts. If you feel stuck or like you’ve been living on autopilot and want to work towards a life that aligns with who you are and want to be, you’ve come to the right place.

I want to offer you the array of tools I've gathered learned to work with. They have saved me time and time again and, if you let them, they may help you, too. I have no intention of "fixing" you. You don't need fixing. I'm here to offer you personalized practices, rituals and techniques to work through what is happening in your life including the pieces of former selves you may be carrying with you.

These tools include :: journaling, meditation, guided visualization, breath awareness, storytelling, poetry, pranayama, tarot + archetypal imagery, writing, pelvic floor work, mind-body awareness, sensual connection, dance and ultimately work towards :: self-love, care + pleasure. Because when your well is full, you can fill up everyone around you.


This may be for you if you:

want to leap into a life that is more aligned with your values

want to do more things you like

don’t know what you even like anymore

want to know yourself without the labels and expectations of the world around you

have trouble accepting compliments

have trouble expressing / articulating emotion

don't feel at home with your body

have difficulty orgasming or connecting to your sexuality

want to move through the world more gracefully

are easily irked by the actions of strangers (catcalling, difficult customers / clients)

have trouble managing your desires (sex, food, etc)

want to move out of victim / lack mentality and into a place of empowerment / abundance

need a safe place to explore the shadows that still hurt you

are looking to be more honest with yourself and others

want to know yourself better

want to fall madly in love with yourself


Enrollment reopened

If you're interested in working with me, you can book your intro call HERE.

What’s it like?

Working with Alessandra has been eye-opening and life-changing. She knows just when to push, when to follow, and when to call me out (which we all need now and then). It did not take long for us to find the style that works for us, and this is really a testament to her ability to feel people and create the unique structure they'll need to dive deeper into themselves and the world around them. I feel natural and authentically "me", closer to my body and most importantly - in touch with the definition of what health and "being healthy" is for me. I'm so grateful to her and her work for showing me alternatives and opening my eyes to a world of new and exciting questions. I truly look forward to our sessions each week. 

- Will Rus, operations manager / musician

Where to start? Alessandra has been instrumental in helping me understand my empathic feels and how to use them as a super power to navigate through life. Her guidance has given me a deeper understanding of my sense of self and through this has opened my eyes to self love, compassion and understanding. It's truly changed my view of the world and of who I am as an individual.

- Sarah Castle, program manager


photo by Oscar Dejolie

photo by Oscar Dejolie

session options

5 weeks :: an introduction

Recommended if you’ve never worked with me before to see if we’re the right fit

10 weeks :: digging deeper

For archeologists ready to look at themselves deeply and recognize patterns, unconscious tendencies and look their inner shadow in the eyes

15 weeks :: mountain climbing

For those committed to evolving and becoming the best version of themselves

90 minute Skype / FaceTime / Google Hangout sessions (house calls available to Miami residents for an additional fee)

 Why virtual sessions? Virtual sessions are just as effective and lower the cost, both financially and energetically leaving more space for action and reflection.

Real Talk About Money: I have crunched the numbers and worked to make this as affordable as possible. Obviously, the more sessions you purchase up front, the more bang you get for your buck. If you know you want to go deeper than 5 sessions, but can't afford to pay up front, I'm happy to work out a payment plan with you personally. 


**This work is NOT a replacement for therapy with a licensed psychoanalyst. In choosing to work with me, you acknowledge that you are an adult and fully capable of making your own decisions. You are responsible for your own actions and their outcomes.

Photos of me taken by Oscar Dejolie