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Looking to add some spice to your divination practice? Alessandra Calderin gives us a crash course in Sex Tarot 101, and uncovers how you can start casting cards between the sheets …

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Hotel room service screams indulgence. One of the only occasions when you're expected to eat in bed, it's a special treat for weary travelers. The James Hotels are reimaging this nourishing extravagance into something that feeds the mind as well as the body. Their new Readers on Room Service program gives guests the chance to phone in sessions with spiritual healers of all sorts.

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How many of your friends are tarot readers, yogis, witches and sexually active humans? Oh, all of them? Great! So is Alessandra Calderin, creator and host of the new show Sex Magic :: A Taboo Busting, Sex Positive, Magic Making Event. On Sunday, January 7th (6 pm), she’s assembling a delicious lineup of performers to put on a taboo busting, sex positive and magic making event featuring true stories, confessions, education, burlesque and even a spell or two. We talk to Alessandra about sex, magic, and putting together the show!

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         Working with Alessandra has been eye-opening and life-changing. She knows just when to push, when to follow, and when to call me out (which we all need now and then). It did not take long for us to find the style that works for us, and this is really a testament to her ability to feel people and create the unique structure they'll need to dive deeper into themselves and the world around them. I feel natural and authentically "me", closer to my body and most importantly - in touch with the definition of what health and "being healthy" is for me. I'm so grateful to her and her work for showing me alternatives and opening my eyes to a world of new and exciting questions. I truly look forward to our sessions each week. 

— Will Rus, operations manager / musician

          I found my work with Ms. Calderin to be helpful, encouraging, and insightful. I especially appreciated that her approach combined the physical, mental and emotional components of dealing with pelvic trauma. While most health care professionals acknowledge all of these factors, few disciplines offer tools that deal with all of the above. 

          While there were many benefits to the work we did, the thing that stands out most is the reconnection to my body, specifically to parts that were painful to acknowledge. A few exercises that allowed this were; a meditation where we focused on my pelvic and vaginal region, one small section at a time; a writing exercise where I told the story of my pelvic floor; and simple but specific restorative poses that met my body's unique needs. You would be amazed at how many yoga poses - including restorative - can irritate my pelvic floor. 

          Ms. Calderin is clearly educated, intuitive, and compassionate, and uses all of these skills to connect with her clients. It seems like a small thing, but her insistence that I was perfectly comfortable at all moments, was ground breaking for someone like myself, who has become accustomed to almost constant discomfort. Some of the moments were difficult and emotional, and Alessandra created a safe environment where I could be heard and understood.

          In addition, she has helped me start to move back into yoga, a practice that I have had to put on hold due to my condition, and miss very much. I am grateful for the time and work we have done together. 

— Liz Haag, writer / director

         Where to start? Alessandra has been instrumental in helping me understand my empathic feels and how to use them as a super power to navigate through life. Her guidance has given me a deeper understanding of my sense of self and through this has opened my eyes to self love, compassion and understanding. It's truly changed my view of the world and of who I am as an individual.

Sarah Castle, program manager

         Many sufferers are told to ‘toughen up’ or ‘fight through it’ and coldly written off. Alessandra is the exact opposite. She is unbelievably compassionate and sensitive to the individual. She quickly grasped my physical limitations and provided an atmosphere of emotional and physical relief. While not only teaching new useful approaches for physical pain, she managed to enhance my coping abilities. I leave each session feeling hopeful, calm, and energized.  

Michael Kroll, comedian

          I found my way to Alessandra during a really intense period of my life. Not only did her tarot reading give me the comfort and clarity that I needed, but she also took me in with so much love and warmth. For that reason, I wanted to take part in the Boneseed Tarot Immersive course. While I have felt connected to the tarot for years, I now understand each card on a deeper level and feel confident in my ability to read for myself and for others. Her classes feel safe, cozy, and full of light. They allow me to escape my hectic and stressful daily routine, and I always leave feeling grounded, hopeful, and eager to continue learning and practicing. Because of this course, I have been able to rediscover and cultivate friendships with the cards themselves, some badass women, and my own spirit.

— Molly Rabuffo, singer / songwriter / performing arts professional

         Everybody needs someone in their life who they can go to for guidance and support. For some that’s a relative, a friend, a mentor, or a spiritual leader. It’s a rare gift to find someone who posses the best qualities of all those figures. Alessandra is one such person to me. She is brimming with compassion and positivity, but also isn’t scared to delve into darker subjects. Alessandra calls me on my shit, but takes me seriously and challenges me to have that same respect for myself. I consider her to be a great friend, an emotional sounding board, and a loving, healing yoga-mom. I couldn’t recommend her more.

— Olivia Sulkowicz, writer / actress

         Within moments of laying out her cards, Alessandra honed in on two core truths about me. One was something painful that I had avoided addressing for a very long time. With support and respect, Alessandra continued to reveal and read cards that encouraged me to be less afraid and look my demons in the eye. She made me feel safe. Needless to say, I urge anyone looking for insight to seek out Alessandra.

— Esther Chin, operations manager

         Alessandra is perceptive, well-spoken, and fun. The atmosphere she creates is incredibly comfortable, exactly what you need when processing the insights she helps you reach. My chakra reading with Alessandra was powerful not just because of what I learned but because she gave me concrete ways to work on myself.  I can't wait to have her read for me again!

— Fernando Gonzalez, actor

         Alessandra's reading was exactly what I needed at the time. I was in a state of transition, with all these un-defined ideas about where I was and where I wanted to be. She helped bring these things into focus. I used to think tarot was a way to fool gullible people, but now I see that it is a tool for self-discovery, especially when performed by someone so empathetic. I will definitely be going back for another reading soon. 

— Mallory Rhodes, nanny / performer

         My reading with Alessandra was truly an initiation. I had three questions and I left with answers far outside my expectations. Alessandra creates a very safe and spiritually open environment. She truly listens and lets the spirits guide her answers. Her cards are absolutely stunning images that speak as well. I strongly recommend a tarot reading with Alessandra!

— Nichole Martini, intuitive healer / reiki practitioner

         I have used tarot cards as a tool to help with my indecisiveness, but most times I was left more confused than when I started. This was until Alessandra led my card reading, and I had one of the most insightful and spiritual readings of my life. Hey authenticity is genuine, allowing the cards to guide the spread and speak through her psychic intuition, rather than just using recited deck definitions. My reading moved me to tears, and it became quite a nurturing experience. If you want guidance toward your best self, I suggest you have Alessandra help you get there.

— Eva Woolridge, photographer / founder of Red Dot

         Alessandra was my first spiritual guide in the world of Tarot. This reading came at a pretty tumultuous time in my life; I was seeking any and every avenue of healing. And I must admit, I was terrified of the truth. It had profoundly masked itself in my life but I knew, once the cards were laid, it would reveal itself. My fear quickly turned into admiration and understanding. This darkness I had, kept so tightly wound, was tethered to something larger: courage. Alessandra could not have been more accommodating, respectful, and supportive as she walked me through the process and her findings. I recommend Alessandra to you enthusiastically, and I do so quite happily. 

Amanda Rothman, performer / writer / producer