Pelvic Floor Yoga™

Certified by Leslie Howard, I am offer one on one or small group instruction on Yoga for the Pelvic Floor. This can be incorporated into Excavation + Expansion sessions or worked on a la cart. To set up a call and see if this offering is right for you, click here

Private Offerings

Reconnecting to my body, my joints, my pelvic floor, has been vital work for me. Every shock wave of stress and anxiety, every trauma and period of emotional turmoil doesn't just get stored in your heart, my dears. It gets stored in the body. (For more on that, check out The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk.)

In order to get to the root of what's blocking us, we need to find it, and feel it, physically. Through breath exercises, yoga postures, guided meditation and oh so many fun props, this practice is designed to get you back in touch with all your bones and muscles and to make your body feel like a safe and powerful place that you can listen to, learn from, and trust.

Custom package discounts are available upon request. Want to test the waters? Try the discounted Intro to Private Yoga for just $50.

To set up a call or book a private or semi private session, click here