teachers and healers

Lindsay Mack, Intuitive Counselor + Mentor, Tarot Reader

Justin Ritchie, Yoga Teacher + Psychosomatic Connection Specialist

Bart Gardy, LSCW + Psychotherapist

Bakara Witner, Tarot Reader, Writer + HWIC @ Everyday Magic

Kate Henderson, Licensed Acupuncturist @ City Acupuncture

Leslie Howard, Yoga Teacher + Pelvic Floor Specialist

Whitney Diamond, Tarot Reader + Hebrew Teacher

Brian Kocun, Massage Therapist

Rebecca Conran, Intuitive Energy Healer + Holistic Life Coach



Eva Woolridge, Photographer, Founder of Red Dot Campaign

credit: boneseed photography

Karen Weber, Visual Artist, Art Director, Designer, Illustrator

credit: boneseed logo and branding



Ziva Meditation, where I learned to meditate and seriously up level my tolerance for anxiety. (New York, NY)

Magnet Theater, theater where magic + friendship + self discovery + comedy happens. (New York, NY)

Maha Rose, a place for healing, magic and community. (Brooklyn, NY)

Hauswitch, a very cool witchy store in a very cool witchy town. (Salem, MA)

Skanda Yoga, my two first yoga teachers started this place and they / it are amazing. (Miami, FL)

MINKA brooklyn, a lovely healing space and store near Prospect Park. I read here sometimes. (Brooklyn, NY)

305 Fitness, where I go for cardio and toning and dancing and fun. The #1 cure for winter blues. (New York, Boston, Washington DC)

Hall of Ocean Life at AMNH, my favorite indoor place to lie down and listen.(New York, NY)