teachers and healers

Lindsay Mack, Intuitive Counselor + Mentor, Tarot Reader

Justin Ritchie, Yoga Teacher + Psychosomatic Connection Specialist

Bart Gardy, LSCW + Psychotherapist

Bakara Witner, Tarot Reader, Writer + HWIC @ Everyday Magic

Kate Henderson, Licensed Acupuncturist @ City Acupuncture

Leslie Howard, Yoga Teacher + Pelvic Floor Specialist

Rebecca Conran, Intuitive Energy Healer + Holistic Life Coach

Whitney Diamond, Tarot Reader + Hebrew Teacher

Jeff Hinshaw, Tarot Reader, Teacher + Astrologer

Brian Kocun, Massage Therapist



Eva Woolridge, Photographer, Founder of Red Dot Campaign

credit: boneseed photography

Karen Weber, Visual Artist, Art Director, Designer, Illustrator

credit: boneseed logo and branding



Yoga Shanti, I work here, I studied here, I love this yoga studio (New York, NY)

Ziva Meditation, where I learned to meditate and seriously uplevel my tolerance for life (New York, NY)

Magnet Theater, theater where magic + friendship + self discovery + comedy happens (New York, NY)

Maha Rose, a place for healing, magic and community (Brooklyn, NY)

Hauswitch, a very cool witchy store in a very cool witchy town (Salem, MA)

Skanda Yoga, my two first yoga teachers started this place and they / it are amazing (Miami, FL)

MINKA brooklyn, a lovely healing space and store near Prospect Park. (Brooklyn, NY)

305 Fitness, where I go for cardio and toning and dancing and fun (New York, Boston, Washington DC)

Hall of Ocean Life at AMNH, my favorite indoor place to lie down and listen (New York, NY)


*I am not getting paid to post this. I just really love all these people and places.

**Full disclosure, I do get paid by Yoga Shanti where I work and 305 Fitness and MINKA where I have read tarot, but I work with them because I love them <3