alessandra calderín, cleansing with palo santo

alessandra calderín, cleansing with palo santo

alessandra calderín, three card spread with the fountain tarot

alessandra calderín, three card spread with the fountain tarot


tarot reading

This reading starts with you and what you're looking for right now which could be a specific deep dive or more of a general poking around (which somehow always leads somewhere deeper than we expected. I will create a custom spread to explore what's going on and what thoughts, patterns and energetic weight is at play in your life. In person and Skype options available

(60 min, $90 in person, $75 Skype) CLICK HERE TO BOOK 

pay - what - you - can reading

For anyone who is looking to expand while working on a budget, I have reserved 5 slots per week for you <3 In person and Skype options available

(30-45 min, sliding scale)  CLICK HERE TO BOOK

boneseed reading and restorative meditation

This combination treatment will start with a 3 deck tarot reading addressing specific blocks and any turmoil, feelings of "stuckness" and areas of resistance including a dive into the chakra system, and focusing on the pelvis and sacral chakra. You'll then be placed in a restorative yoga pose (complete with props, crystals and essential oils) to move through a guided meditation to reconnect you with your body and your own touch. In person only

(90 min, $125) CLICK HERE TO BOOK

duality reading

This reading explores the energy you and your partner (whether romantic or not) bring into your relationship as well as personal obstacles and triumphs. With a custom dual layout the focus oscillates between the personal the harmonious. In person and Skype options available

(75 min, $150) CLICK HERE TO BOOK

skeleton party

This is a group option and can be customizable to any setting from birthdays and bachelorette parties to formal gatherings and corporate events. You can have a pre set number of attendees and times for smaller settings or a "come and go" arrangement for larger events. 

($150/ first hour :: $120/ every additional hour) Email with details to book

alessandra calderín, window altar

alessandra calderín, window altar

tarot FAQ

What is Tarot?

The short version: Tarot is a deck of cards that pictures a series of archetypal representations of the human experience. It originated as a card game in Europe, but there are various debates and contradictions as to its true origins for readings.

How does it work?

A mix of magic and intuition. The imagery of the cards guide the conversation and through energetic intuition, we'll explore what that represents for you in the present moment. For more on intuition, check out Women Who Run With The Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

Where do readings take place?

Either in my cozy Brooklyn apartment or via Skype. I personally prefer the in person touch, but can make anything work! Need me to come to you? Shoot me an email and I'd be happy to oblige for an additional fee.

Will you tell me my future?

The short answer is no. That's a common misconception about tarot. I'll explore with you the archetypes and patterns that are showing up in your life. We may discuss how these could play out in the future, but I will not "predict the future." Time is a fluid and constantly shifting mistress and every decision we make can shift everything. In my experience, it's like magical therapy that feels warm and nurturing. (In no way should tarot replace therapy with a licensed analyst.)

I heard there are really bad / scary cards. What if I get one of those?

Those are my favorites. It means you're working through things to come out into something big. Thich Nhat Hanh has said, "No mud, no lotus." Without the gross contractions, which are deep, dark and beautiful, we don't get the complex beauty that lies on the other side. The cards reveal what's in your head more than anything. A lot of the time, we think things are worse than they are, and all we need is to be kinder to ourselves.

What is a reading like?

It's kind of like a therapy session but less formal and guided by the imagery of the cards. You can share thoughts and ask questions along the way. There's no diagnosis involved, but I'm here to listen, interpret, offer insight and work with you on potential next steps. You can read client testimonials here.

What is boneseed?

boneseed is a moniker that symbolizes the pelvis and ovaries as well as the male testes or huevos. The source of life. It came from a passage from Women Who Run With The Wolves  by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

"This is the knowing to be gained in being close to Wild Woman. When La Loba  sings, she sings from the body, deep within the mind, deep within the soul. The symbols of seed and bone are very similar. If one has the root stock, the basis, the original part, if one has the seed corn, any havoc can be repaired, devastations can be resown, fields can be rested, hard seed can be soaked to soften it, to help it break open and thrive.

To have the seed means to have the key to life. To be with the cycles of the seed means to dance with life, dance with death, dance into life again... so when something is lost, we must go to the old woman who lives int he out-of-they-way-pelvis. She lives out there, half in and half out of the creative fire. This is the perfect place for women to live, right next to the fertile huevos, their eggs, their female seeds. there the tiniest ideas and the largest ones are waiting for our minds and actions to make them manifest." 

More questions? Email me at

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