Opening up // Photo by Bridget Miller


tarot for sexual empoerment

There are currently no workshops scheduled, but guided meditations and Miami based salons will be available in Winter 2019.

See the description below for more information.

Sexuality. The beautiful disaster swaddled in the cloth of guilt, shame, repression, ownership, and societal expectations. We long for the freedom to feel and touch and know and express ourselves, each other but lack the tools to speak truthfully, to explore fearlessly.

Enter the Tarot.

This powerful tool for self inquiry, discovery, reflection, divine connection, this mirror to our deepest Selves, holds our deepest darkest longings and grants the permission to explore.

Do you have fantasies that make you feel shame? Do you have difficulty letting go? Or taking control? Or giving instruction? Maybe you’re not sure what you like. Maybe it’s hard to articulate. Maybe you simply want to go deeper to a place of pleasure seeking ecstasy you can’t quite pinpoint.

The archetypal images of the Tarot can be s powerful mirror for our desires and a transformative visualization for feeling into the space of our deepest desires.

Every sexual impulse you have is perfect (as long as no harm is done)

We will use the Tarot to explore radical and enthusiastic consent, betrayal, jeslousy, pleasure, masturbation, BDSM and other kinks, monogamy and non-monogamy, childhood influences, societal paradigms, religious influence, gender and sexual fluidity, the duality of masculine and feminine and other ways of describing those constructs, and so much more.

This workshop is open to folks of all gender identification and sexuality (even asexuality, your desires are divine, too.)

TW: sexual assault

As many of us can attest, sexual assault is unfortunately very common and may come up. This is a safe space to discuss any difficulty with open hearts and deep support. You are under no obligation to share under any circumstances, but please check in with yourself to see if you are ready to hear about this in a group setting.