The Pelvic Floor

In a sexually obsessed and repressed society, a lot of us tend to ignore the pelvic floor. From women who have never seen their vaginas to men with performance anxiety to trans folks rebuilding a relationship with a part of their body that may have caused deep grief to compulsive masturbation to literally never talking about poop, we have dealt with this in different ways (and I want to be very clear that these issues are not gender/sexuality specific and these are just a few examples of the kinds of situations I have encountered).

For me, vaginismus (a condition in which the walls of the vagina become something like a venus fly trap or your own personal Gandalf “you shall not pass”) started my journey of… continuing to ignore my pelvic floor and hope it went away. Which isn’t entirely true. I went through a series of superficial endeavors, but didn’t take the time to physically, mentally, and emotionally sort out what was causing this mess.

Eventually, I found some teachers. I started learning. More and more people were asking questions and then I found Pelvic Floor Yoga™ and completed training with Leslie Howard. Armed with her knowledge and my experience of working with folks on an intuitive and energetic level, I’m happy to offer a practice to bring you closer to your pelvic floor, sacral chakra, seat of creativity and sexuality and identity.


sacral awakening

A holistic approach to the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental blockages in the pelvic floor and sacral chakra

who is it for?

Anyone. Man or woman or non-binary, cis or trans, if you’re looking to reconnect emotionally, work through mental barriers and find relief from physical discomfort, I would be honored to guide you through your healing journey.

I have experience with the following in myself and others include: pelvic floor dysfunction, painful mensuration, endometriosis, incontinence, performance anxiety, low libido, difficulty orgasming, emotional trauma from injury and sexual assault, disassociation.

What’s it like?

I found my work with Ms. Calderin to be helpful, encouraging, and insightful. I especially appreciated that her approach combined the physical, mental and emotional components of dealing with pelvic trauma. While most health care professionals acknowledge all of these factors, few disciplines offer tools that deal with all of the above. 

While there were many benefits to the work we did, the thing that stands out most is the reconnection to my body, specifically to parts that were painful to acknowledge. A few exercises that allowed this were; a meditation where we focused on my pelvic and vaginal region, one small section at a time; a writing exercise where I told the story of my pelvic floor; and simple but specific restorative poses that met my body's unique needs. You would be amazed at how many yoga poses - including restorative - can irritate my pelvic floor. 

Ms. Calderin is clearly educated, intuitive, and compassionate, and uses all of these skills to connect with her clients. It seems like a small thing, but her insistence that I was perfectly comfortable at all moments, was ground breaking for someone like myself, who has become accustomed to almost constant discomfort. Some of the moments were difficult and emotional, and Alessandra created a safe environment where I could be heard and understood.

In addition, she has helped me start to move back into yoga, a practice that I have had to put on hold due to my condition, and miss very much. I am grateful for the time and work we have done together. 

Liz Haag, writer / director

 Many sufferers are told to ‘toughen up’ or ‘fight through it’ and coldly written off. Alessandra is the exact opposite. She is unbelievably compassionate and sensitive to the individual. She quickly grasped my physical limitations and provided an atmosphere of emotional and physical relief. While not only teaching new useful approaches for physical pain, she managed to enhance my coping abilities. I leave each session feeling hopeful, calm, and energized.  

— Michael Kroll, comedian

how do i sign up?

To get started you can simply email me or schedule an intro call. Prices are on a sliding scale depending on location and package plan. I’m currently only accepting clients in the greater Miami area, but will introduce an online option soon.



There are currently no workshops scheduled, but guided meditations and Miami based salons will be available in Spring 2019.

See the description below for more information.

Sexuality. The beautiful disaster swaddled in the cloth of guilt, shame, repression, ownership, and societal expectations. We long for the freedom to feel and touch and know and express ourselves, each other but lack the tools to speak truthfully, to explore fearlessly.

Enter the Tarot.

This powerful tool for self inquiry, discovery, reflection, divine connection, this mirror to our deepest Selves, holds our deepest darkest longings and grants the permission to explore.

Do you have fantasies that make you feel shame? Do you have difficulty letting go? Or taking control? Or giving instruction? Maybe you’re not sure what you like. Maybe it’s hard to articulate. Maybe you simply want to go deeper to a place of pleasure seeking ecstasy you can’t quite pinpoint.

The archetypal images of the Tarot can be s powerful mirror for our desires and a transformative visualization for feeling into the space of our deepest desires.

Every sexual impulse you have is perfect (as long as no harm is done)

We will use the Tarot to explore radical and enthusiastic consent, betrayal, jealousy, pleasure, masturbation, BDSM and other kinks, monogamy and non-monogamy, childhood influences, societal paradigms, religious influence, gender and sexual fluidity, the duality of masculine and feminine and other ways of describing those constructs, and so much more.

This workshop is open to folks of all gender identification and sexuality (even asexuality, your desires are divine, too.)

TW: sexual assault

As many of us can attest, sexual assault is unfortunately very common and may come up. This is a safe space to discuss any difficulty with open hearts and deep support. You are under no obligation to share under any circumstances, but please check in with yourself to see if you are ready to hear about this in a group setting.