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alessandra calderín, bushwick, brooklyn

alessandra calderín, bushwick, brooklyn


what is boneseed?

boneseed is a healing modality focused on deep excavation, alignment, evolution and expansion of the Self through archetypal imagery (tarot and animal cards), asana (yoga postures), self-touch, self-pleasure, sensual connection and awakening, meditation, discussion and creative reflection (through journaling and other forms of expression). I believe in sex positivity, embracing difference, raw truth telling and finding the joy and fun even in the darkest places.


tarot lessons + pay what you can readings

Embodying the Tarot: archetypal excavation and storytelling


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Mondays 7:30 - 9:30 PM

10/16 Intro + Major Arcana 0-4

10/23 Major Arcana 5-10

10/30 Major Arcana 11-16

11/6 Major Arcana 17-21 + “the Journey”

break (out of town / Thanksgiving)

12/4 Minor Arcana: Swords


12/11 Minor Arcana: Wands

12/18 Minor Arcana: Cups

break (Christmas + New Years )

1/8 Minor Arcana: Pentacles

break (MLK Day)

1/22 Court Cards: Pages + Knights

1/29 Court Cards: Queens + Kings

2/5 Spreads + Intuition

2/12 Final Questions + Closing Ceremony

Class Description: Each student will submit 2-3 deep stories with which you are deeply familiar (whether it be books, fairy tales, myths, films, etc.) We will use these stories, characters and archetypes as well as examples from our own lives to explore and embody the energy of each tarot card. Think of it as part tarot lessons, part storytelling, part group therapy. What this turns into will really depend on the group we assemble so I humbly invite you to share this with anyone you think might be interested in this journey.

Cost: Complete series: $400 / Bundles of 4: $135 / Drop in: $35 / One on one make up sesh: $60 (you can split the cost with anyone else who missed the same session as you)




I'm also introducing pay-what-you-can tarot readings. These are dark times, there is no denying. Your finances should not prevent you from expanding. Every week, I'll have 5 slots open for anyone who can't pay full price for a reading.

Email hi@alessandracalderin.com to request a pay-what-you-can reading or click here to book


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