welcome to boneseed, let's dig deep

alessandra calderín, bushwick, brooklyn

alessandra calderín, bushwick, brooklyn


i'm sorry, what?

boneseed is a flexible healing modality focused on deep excavation, alignment, evolution and expansion of the Self through archetypal imagery (tarot and animal cards), asana (yoga postures), meditation, discussion and reflection.


now with more yoga!

I'm teaching at Washington Square Park through Classpass Thursdays at 6:30PM for FREE.

CLICK HERE for dates and sign up pages

PLUS Creating Sex Magic (Round 2) will be happing THIS SUNDAY June 25 @ 7PM

CLICK HERE for details and RSVP link

Check the calendar below and events page for upcoming public fun!

alessandra calderín, holding thurible

alessandra calderín, holding thurible


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