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boneseed is the moniker and practice utilized by Alessandra Calderín that focuses on deep excavation, alignment, evolution and expansion of the Self through archetypal imagery (tarot and animal cards), asana (yoga postures), self-touch, self-pleasure, sensual connection and awakening, meditation, discussion and creative reflection (through journaling and other forms of expression). I believe in sex positivity, embracing difference, raw truth telling and finding the joy and fun, even in the darkest places. 

Excavation + Expansion, my mentorship and coaching program that digs beneath a symptomatic approach to problem solving and alignment, is open for enrollment. This practice requires weekly 90 minute Skype sessions, a daily journaling practice, and an open mind. If you’re interested in working with me one on one, you can click HERE for details.



From yoga + meditation to tarot + sexuality to the chakra system + the pelvic floor, there are so many ways to view the world, understand our bodies and understand our selves. Now a teacher, but forever a student, I’d love to share what I’ve learned so far with you.

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A healer doesn’t fix you, but rather shines a light and guides you to the ways you can heal yourself. If you’re looking for guidance or mentorship, a little clarity, or something much deeper, consider me an ally, a friend, your confidante, or your favorite Disney grandmother.

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Everyone is an artist. Whether your form of creating is through canvas or code, film or engineering, we are all creators in some way. My favorite expressions come through writing and performing. And sometimes I blog to share the kind of info that’s too complex for Instagram.

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about alessandra

Alessandra is an intuitive and empathic healing facilitator, teacher, writer and performer newly based in Miami, FL after 7 years in NYC. Her work focuses on the mind body connection, extending into sexual connection and incorporates yoga asana, meditation and philosophy, the archetypal imagery of the tarot, and a creative sense of play. 

In her study, practice and work, Alessandra strikes a balance between intuition and logic, bringing scientific theory and practical leaps where applicable. A skeptic for many years, she has replaced dismissals with curiosity and transformed her life, perspective and practice because of it.

Through Boneseed, she has developed a practice that focuses on diving into the deepest layers of the authentic Self and furthers shares that originality and energy with the world. She has lead workshops that use the tarot, yoga asana, visualization meditation and the chakra system to explore sensuality, creativity, sexual empowerment, and authenticity. She specializes in the sacral chakra helping clients with relationships, libido, pelvic floor dysfunction, anxiety, depression, and identity.

Her ongoing private practice, Excavation + Expansion allows individuals to dive deeper, integrate duality, and understand the underlying driving mechanisms that can be clouded by the surface level side effects of modern living.

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Alessandra Calderin - Boneseed // Photo by Eva Woolridge