On Leaping: An Invitation

I wrote a short blog post last August in anticipation of what was to come. You see, I was planning to leave a wonderful and stable corporate job to explore myself and find work that was more aligned with my highest and best self. I was studying with amazing teachers and exploring parts of myself I had buried over years of collegiate education and expectations and the years that followed.

And now, five months later, I have done exactly that. I am a free agent of sorts, wandering endlessly in a trail of my own making. It’s beautiful, and exhilarating, and frightening as fuck. I spent almost a full year preparing, but nothing really prepares one for the reality of forging one's own path. For the thrilling panic of being in charge of your own life. As much as we long for freedom, too much really is scary. It’s so very weird to say it, but there is a dull comfort in obedience and conformity.

That is the choice, I guess. Comfort versus freedom. But we don’t grow in comfort. Stability makes us stagnant and stale, and I have never wanted an easy life. I want to explode like a ton of dynamite, evolve like a high level Pokemon and push the boundaries of what my brain believes I am capable of. 

And so, the journey begins reading and writing and performing and healing and expanding past the limits of the meat sack I live in. Learning how to form an LLC, shop for health insurance, and master the kind of self-discipline that keeps me from playing Final Fantasy VII all day (I mean... what). 

I invite you to share this journey with me either by following along here, signing up for my newsletter, working with me one on one, or collaborating on creative projects. There will be laughter, tears, break downs, insights and things I haven't yet dreamt of. Can't wait!

The Fool from The Fountain Tarot

The Fool from The Fountain Tarot